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Attached Staff

ARRS (additional roles reimbursement scheme) roles are a mix of both clinical and non-clinical roles, that are integrated into general practice teams to provide support and services to patients, with the aim of improving patient care, enhancing access to services.  The AARS roles work across both Lander Medical Practice and Three Spires Medical Practice under the umbrella of the Truro Primary Care Network (PCN).

What additional roles do we have?

Pharmacy Team


Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are becoming more involved in the care of patients in General Practice. Having the pharmacy team working in our surgery provides valuable medicines support, a close link with our community pharmacy teams and allows our GPs to focus their skills and time where they are most needed for patients who have more complex needs. Pharmacists are experts in medicines and can talk to you about how to get the best from your medicines.   

Care Co-ordinator

Hayley (f)

I am the Care Co-ordinator for Truro PCN.  As part of that role I am a cancer support worker. I am here to support patients through their cancer journey and am an additional non-clinical point of contact for any patient who has been diagnosed with cancer, or if you are a carer or family member supporting someone with cancer and want to reach out. I can be reached by phoning the main reception at Lander 01872 243 700 or Three Spires 01872 272272 in the Health Park and just ask to arrange a call back from me. 

I am also working with my colleagues in other aspects of cancer support for the Practice. We are trying to improve screening uptake so you may hear from me regarding this. We also want to help people become more aware of symptoms to look out for; the main aims being prevention and early diagnosis. Please check out my cancer support and information board near Lander reception which will have lots of relevant information. I am also interested to hear more about how you feel we can support you better in primary care, whether it be concerns about screening programs, support post diagnosis or how to help with symptom awareness.



Advanced Practitioners

Social Prescribing Link Workers

Health & Wellbeing Coaches

We co-operate closely with the Community Nurses, Midwives, Palliative Care Nurses, School Nurses, Health Visitors and Social Care Workers, all of whom have a base within Truro Health Park.

Contact: 01872 221417

Contact: 01208 251 300 – via Bodmin Hospital

Message us at:

  • 07312 263 096 – young people aged 11-19
  • 07312 263 423 – parents / carers children aged 0-5
  • 07312 263 499 – parents / carers young people aged 5-19
  • Telephone: 01872 324261

email: [email protected]